Termination letter

Termination letter sample is provided here to make you understand what are things needed to write in termination letters. Obviously you are writing this letter to terminate some employee but you should be very much careful in this process. If you un-intentionally harmed the rights of the employee then he can take you to the courts and can ask for big money claims. So it is always advised to get employee sign a terms and condition agreement before recruitment so that if you ever have to terminate that person then you will not find any legal problems with it. Also make sure to be as much polite as possible while writing this letter. It is not advised or suggested to use harsh words for the employees who are leaving.

Your letter should be very much concise as no body like heavy letters as there are more chances that you letter will not be read fully by the concerned authorities. Also make sure that you are triple checking the letter for English language errors because if it is not taken good care then you will lose the authority required to convince the recipient of the letter. Your message should be crystal clear and to the point so that receiving person don’t have to wander across the content of letter to find about why you are writing this letter. A good way to avoid this mistake is to use proper subject line at the start.

Here is a sample termination letter for you.

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