Referral letter from doctor

A referral letter is prepared by the doctor when does not cure their patient and he want to sent their patient to other doctor for the treatment of the patients. Doctors send this referral letter to other doctor. The main content use in this referral letter, name of referral doctor, patient name, history of patient deices, duration of treatment, information about the medicine that a patient  take during their treatment, contact information about the referral doctor and patient inserted in this letter. This letter is used for medical purpose and every hospital, clinic use this letter for their several needs and refer to their patient in big hospitals and specialist doctors. If you are looking for well prepared and well formatted referral letter template so we offer you to use our well prepared and beautiful designed referral letter template. This template is created by our professionals using different colors and contents. These templates are in ready to use format and all its contents are editable. This template is created in MS Word so making and changing in this template is very much easy. We providing you a download button below this image, for your comfort, you can easily download our provided template after clicking on download button for your own use. Our chosen template is free from any cost of payment and your required content use in this template.

The referral letter is written, when a doctor feels helpless and seeks help from senior doctors. Doctor refers the patient with all his/her current treatment and health status with all tests and reports. This is a formal document that is drafted in the most professional manner, encompassing all information related to the case. A referral letter should be relevant, polite and concise. The information that is required in referral letters include name, title and address of the doctor, to whom the patient is being referred. Also patient’s name addresses and date of birth, current health status, reason for referral, request for advice and/or treatment, including any previous relevant treatment is carried out with dates and relevant medical/social history. The doctor recommends the patient to any senior doctor or specialist  with request to provide the patient with a better diagnose and treatment. This is usually written to the hospitals with better health care facilities in big hospitals. Click on download button to get more detailed referral letter from doctor. Easily editable Microsoft Word file allows you to modify the letter within your requirements.

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