Leave letter

Leave letter is written for the purpose of taking leave from higher authority. It is written by lower authority to higher authority. It can also be written by students or employees. Contents of leave letter are name of person, nature of leaves , purpose of leave , record of previous leaves and absents, full address and contact details of sender and receiver also mention in it. Higher authority read letter then if all contents are real and true and the reason is valid then they approve leaves for that person. Before writing the letter writer make sure the all criteria of taking leaves are fulfilled by writer and he or she is eligible for that criteria.

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Letters facilitate effective communication among individuals. They play a vital role in communication at different levels in all forms. Be it business or personal communication, letters have always being an effective medium and serve best for different reasons. Be it a matter of sharing and caring, a business proposal, a complaint, application for a job or any sales, letters are used to convey the message in the right way. Words always have much power and when put together in a letter express the very idea or information from the sender to the recipient. They are used for formal and informal communications. In businesses, letters are highly used when placing a complaint or while applying for resignation from the current employment.

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