Layoff Letter

A Layoff letter is drafted, when the owner or the boss of the business company finds out compulsory to downsize some of staff for a certain time period. It’s also considered a termination of employment, if there is no intention of recalling the employee back to work. In this critical situation, the employers have obligations and responsibilities to the employees usually associated with the termination of employment. In some cases a layoff letter is not taken as the termination letter when the layoff is because of some lockout or strike or the term of the layoff is three or less than three months. It doesn’t matter that how you write a layoff letter, yet it’s always bound to anger the employees. You may get a layoff letter template from this page. Just click on Download button and find one.

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Letters facilitate effective communication among individuals. They play a vital role in communication at different levels in all forms. Be it business or personal communication, letters have always being an effective medium and serve best for different reasons. Be it a matter of sharing and caring, a business proposal, a complaint, application for a job or any sales, letters are used to convey the message in the right way. Words always have much power and when put together in a letter express the very idea or information from the sender to the recipient. They are used for formal and informal communications. In businesses, letters are highly used when placing a complaint or while applying for resignation from the current employment.

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