Appreciation letter

Appreciation letter is written for the purpose of appreciation and praise.  These letters play important role in mutual relationships. These letters are written after achievement of any person. A good way of enhancing the performance of individuals is by increasing their motivation level to a great extent. And to increase motivation of your employees , you must do something to appreciate them for their efforts. If any employee does make a difference in any of his/her duty then its becomes management responsibility to appraise it and make it an example of him/her for others so that other people also try to be like them. This is the reason that sample appreciation letters are written to increase the motivation level of whole employee group.

There are some tips and techniques which can be applied to any type of letter while writing about it. You must be very much careful in your correct use of sentences in writing letter. Spelling much be accurate and best way to ensure that is to triple check it after your writing is done. A good professional letter should be concise and to the point so that receiver don’t have to waste much of his time in reading about your letter and to find the main purpose of it.

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